Monday, October 17, 2016

Lions and Tigers and Craft Fairs! Oh My

I participated in my first craft fair last weekend. All I can say is OMG! I paid for a 10' x 10' space and got an 8' x 8' instead, so I couldn't do the set up that I had taken 2 weeks to work on. Then, the weatherman scared everyone saying there was a wind storm headed our way and we should all stay home. Well, the buyers (and some of the vendors too) listened to the news and stayed home. Funny thing was, the wind never showed up on our area. So, instead of 65 vendors and 500 buyers, we had 60 vendors and just over 100 buyers.
Luckily, I made enough to cover my costs, but not so much for profit.
Oh, well, live and learn. I'll be more ready for the next fair (November 19) and thankfully I'm sharing a booth with a friend who has done them before.