Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm getting ready for my first bazaar. I haven't ever participated before and wasn't sure if I had enough to sell, what size table to get, or how many days to go. Being a newbie I made a bunch of mistakes. I rented a 4 foot table thinking "I don't have That much," and now that I'm putting everything in totes to take to the bazaar I'm thinking "Holy Cow, I have Way too much for just a 4 foot table" unfortunately its too late to ask for a bigger table. And I'm afraid I will have tons left after only 1 day of sales. Between the baby sets, blankets, hats and toys I've filled 6 big rubber maid totes. OMG, what was I thinking???? And on top of all of my stuff, my daughter will be selling her friendship bracelets at my table too. I must be crazy.
my latest hat and scarf set

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  1. The hat and scarf are beautiful! I'm sorry you didn't sell anything at your first bazaar - not very encouraging! But don't be disheartened; it was just bad luck and I'm sure you'll sell loads at future bazaars and craft fayres :-)


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