Monday, September 19, 2011

More requests

                                               This set was just for fun
I've been asked by a friend to make some hats and headbands for her grandchildren, The first was the hello kitty hat for a birthday. When her kids saw the hats I made for 2 of her grandkids they started asking for more. I am now making 2 more hello kitty hats, 2 hello kitty headbands, 1 pink and green owl hat, and 2 more hello kitty dolls. That's just for starters, they are making wish lists for Christmas now too. On top of this I am making a bacon scarf and egg hat set for my daughter's boyfriend. Here's what I've finished so far, the owl hat and the bacon scarf. I'm almost done with another hello kitty hat and the egg hat
                                                                    Baby owl hat
bacon scarf
Egg hat and bacon scarf


  1. I love the red is so sure will make anyone so there any chance you will give the pattern? :)

  2. I posted the basic instructions for the owl hats

  3. I LOVE the bacon and eggs! I hope you don't mind me copying you because I want one and so does my daughter!


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