Sunday, July 17, 2011

More for the Mario collection

Piranha plant on crochet goods

Bullet Bill from AH! Creations

I made a few changes to the leaves
 Well, my Mario collection is filling out nicely. I met a lovely woman on who is making a wiggler and she's going to share the pattern when she's done. I'm working on making a buzzy beetle and using a pattern from Wolfdreamer Off the Hook I'm making a fire flower.

When those are done, my son has asked me for a puny, and a family friend has requested a Princess Toadstool. I also want to finish out my goomba gang and make some of the other bob-omb characters. So my Mario to do list will be:
  1. Fire flower
  2. buzzy beetle
  3. wiggler
  4. puny
  5. Princess Toadstool
  6. Goombas (spikey, para, McGoomba, goomboss etc...)
  7. Bob-ombs (goldbob, king bob-omb, mayor fahr, sylvia, admiral bobbery, etc...)
  8. Wario and Warluigi
  9. Petey Piranha
  10.  Montey
 and any others I can come up with or find free patterns for .


  1. Do you have the patterns for Wario or warluigi or peach?

    1. Sorry, I do not have the patterns for those. I think you could use Wolfdreamer off the hook's patterns for Mario and Luigi to make the Wario and Warluigi at and there is a princess Peach at


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